Samuel De Champlain Bridge - Project Objectives

The Samuel De Champlain Bridgee corridor project is designed to achieve the following objectives:

Ensure Continued Safety and Service

  • Remove traffic from the existing Champlain Bridge by the end of June 2019;
  • Maintain safety of the corridor prior, during and after construction; and,
  • Deliver a long-term solution that efficiently meets pre-defined operational and maintenance service requirements.

Promote Economic Growth

  • Improve system connectivity to promote the continuous and safe flow of people and goods;
  • Strengthen the economy through job creation and the improvement of the local, regional and national gross domestic product; and
  • Promote economic growth by strengthening Canada's continental gateway.

Provide Value for Money for Canadians

  • Provide long lasting infrastructure that meets high technical standards as well as the needs of users;
  • Obtain and maintain the required infrastructure at the sought-after quality level and at the lowest life cycle cost possible; and
  • Be consistent with the Government of Canada's vision of an appropriate risk transfer to the Private Partner for financing, design, construction, maintenance and operations of the Project.

Foster Sustainable Development and Urban Integration

  • Deliver a project that is shaped by the consideration of its environmental and social context;
  • Plan and construct a project that protects the surrounding natural environment through rigorous environmental monitoring and mitigation measures;
  • Build a bridge which contributes to the corridor's status as the premier gateway to Montréal through its architectural features and quality that complement Montréal's landscape; and
  • Promote sustainable transportation by building a dedicated public transit corridor and providing for a safe and accessible multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists.
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