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HIFIS version Release Notes


Before implementing this version:

  • create a backup of your database
  • take a snapshot of your application tier

This is important in the event that you need to roll back the changes.

If you have not yet implemented releases 58.1 or above, note that updating to release 59.5 may have an impact on your custom reports.

Note: Microsoft is ending support of their Internet Explorer web browser. As a result, as of release 59.3 of HIFIS, HIFIS development on Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are options. To learn more about the end of support for Internet Explorer, please visit the Microsoft website or consult the HIFIS Client Support Centre.

Check release notes 58.1 for more information on the affected tables.

Consult your report service provider if you have issues. 

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Release highlights

  • Code refactoring to improve the performance of the Coordinated Access and Admissions modules.
  • Validation rules added to improve data accuracy.
  • 18 minor changes and 24 bug fixes.

New features and major changes

No new features and major changes introduced as part of this release.

Minor changes

Changes in this release affect the following modules or sections:


Re-writing code to improve performance in the Admissions module.

Application Settings

Removed dependency between the Application Settings module and This will allow users to continue using the Application Settings module even if communication with cannot be established.

Case Management Consent Documents

Multiple attachments can be added to a record at once.


  • Added a validation rule to the Veteran Status field.
  • Only clients who are 16 years of age or older can have a relevant Veteran status. Clients 15 and younger are automatically recorded as "Not a Veteran".
  • Users who add new clients are asked to confirm the clients age if they are 85 years of age or older.

Client List

  • The client list page shows active clients by default when producing initial results.
  • Columns on the client list page can be sorted.

Client Coordinated access

Clients remain active while they are booked into a shelter.


Coordinated Access + Explicit consent type is now available as a bundle in the Consent module.

Coordinated Access

Re-writing code to improve performance in the Coordinated Access module.

Financial Profile

  • Added a validation rule to the following income type: Aboriginal Band Council. Only clients who identify as Indigenous can be tagged with this income type.
  • Added a validation rule to the following income type: Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security. Only clients 60 years of age or older can be tagged with these income types.
  • Added a new look up value in the Income table:
    • English: Other Canada Pension Plan Benefits
    • French: Autres prestations du régime de pensions du Canada

Look Up Table

Removed "HPS" (Homelessness Partnering Strategy) in the Program look up table and replaced it with the current program name RH (Reaching Home).


The Treaty Number and Home Reserve fields can now be disabled or tagged as mandatory.


Removed dependency between the Reports module and This will allow users to continue using the reports module even if communication with cannot be established.


  • Refactoring JavaScript to be more general and robust for future development.
  • Added security directives to web config template to tighten up security according to best practice.

Bug fixes

Changes in this release affect the following modules or sections:


Fixed clients from other clusters appearing in the "With" field.

Client Service Delete

Users can now delete a housing loss prevention record.

Client Vitals History

Fixed the Client Vitals History log not recording changes from the Veteran module.


  • Fixed clients appearing across the cluster once their declined-anonymous consent expires.

Coordinated Access

  • Fixed clients appearing multiple times on the Unique Identifier List if they have duplicate income amounts across multiple records.
  • Fixed clients appearing multiple times on the Unique Identifier List due to housing placement, service restriction and household records.


Clients associated to another service provider with declined consent now appear as “Hidden Client” in the Family module.

Food Bank

Fixed the form to allow the creation of new food bank records when accessing it via the Front Desk.


Fixed grey "Get Help" icon that produced an error message.

Housing Loss Prevention/Housing History/Housing Placement

Landlord" field added to the housing history form Users can now add, remove or change the landlord for housing records.

Housing Loss Prevention

  • Fixed the "Next Follow up" date field not remaining mandatory when trying to edit a housing loss prevention record.
  • Fixed housing loss prevention records not updating the move in date when editing the information under housing history.

Housing Unit

Fixed user rights for housing units. Users no longer see the buttons for actions they do not have the rights to for other service providers.


Fixed incident records allowing clients to be both involved and a witness to an incident.

PiT Count

  • Fixed COH questions not deactivating properly when removing question from the PiT Count survey.
  • Fixed PiT Count export list not loading when an old export exists.


Fixed and added missing "Delete" action. Users can now delete questions from a questionnaire.

Note: Only questions that have not been answered can be deleted.


  • Fixed "List Stay Records" right, users without the appropriate right can no longer see stays from other service providers.
  • Replaced "HIFIS" with "SISA" in the rights tree when using HIFIS in French.

Rooms and Beds

Fixed the form to add new beds; leaving the "Additional Beds to add" field empty does not prevent the creation of a single bed.

Service Provider

Added validation to prevent duplicate service provider names on the same HIFIS site.

Service Restrictions

Fixed the missing delete action on the service restriction list on the front desk.


Fixed the elmah log displaying password inputs.


Added a proper error message when attempting to clone a user with an existing username.

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