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HIFIS release notes


Before implementing this version, it is recommended to:

  • create a backup of your database
  • take a snapshot of your application tier

This is important in the event that you need to roll back the changes.

This release introduces changes to your underlying database's structure. It may have an impact on custom reports you have implemented. The release note outlines the tables that are affected.

See changes details and consult your report service provider if you have issues.


Release highlights

  • Reporting: 7 new reports, such as:
    • a housing placement summary and shelter population report
    • a stay statistics report
  • A "Reports Marketplace" functionality that helps access updated and newly created reports.
  • The Point-in-Time (PiT) Module: Updated Point-in-time count module with stable functionalities to better support Everyone Count 2020.
  • Custom Tables: Expanded functionality for custom tables.
  • Data export: Updated export function to make the export of anonymous fields to Employment and Social Development Canada's Reaching Home easier. In particular:
    • Optimization changes to the export function; and
    • Test data exports possible from non-production instances of HIFIS.
  • System Update:
    • HIFIS platform update
    • HIFIS architecture updated to use .NET 4.7.2 and MVC 5 to get ahead of ending support on previous architecture. Requires HIFIS hosting servers to be updated.
  • 21 Minor changes
  • 34 bug fixes


New feature and major changes

Change  description Module(s) / Topic
Auto-populated fields that show: Default HIFIS roles (such as Staff, Caseworker); Clients; People; Locations; Service Providers; Look-Up Tables Custom Tables
Text headers and line breaks as well as description text to create 'subsections', making custom tables easier to navigate   Custom Tables
Custom Tables functionality extended to the Finance, Admissions, and Directory of Services Modules Custom Tables
Option to allow a dropdown selection (for example, 'other') to populate a text field for additional clarification Custom Tables
Drop-down menu items can be ordered Custom Tables
The Report Marketplace is a new feature that allows communities to get updated HIFIS Core reports without having to wait for a release. Report
Housing Placement Summary: Provides summary information on Housing Placement records updated during the selected reporting period. New reports
My Calendar: Provides information in a calendar layout, for the selected reporting period. For example, cases and housing placements for a particular caseworker, New reports
Client Profile: Provides information for the selected client. For example demographic information and a record of the interactions the client had with HIFIS.   New reports
Shelter Population and Stay Statistics: Provides statistics on shelter occupancy and client demographics. For example contributing factors and health issues.   New reports
PiT Count: Provides statistics about each PiT Count Survey question entered in HIFIS and a demographic summary of the population surveyed. New reports
Survey: Provides statistics about each questionnaires question created in HIFIS New reports
Bed Nights Monthly Updated/Enhanced reports
Case Management Clients Updated/Enhanced reports
Goods and Services – Site Updated/Enhanced reports
SPDAT – Summary Updated/Enhanced reports
SPDAT Updated/Enhanced reports
VI-SPDAT – Summary Updated/Enhanced reports
VI-SPDAT Updated/Enhanced reports
Surveys Updated/Enhanced reports
Turn away Summary Updated/Enhanced reports
VAT – Summary Updated/Enhanced reports
VAT Updated/Enhanced reports
New Data Export table added to capture data export history. Data Export
Non-production instances of HIFIS are able to export data for testing purposes. Administration
Added notification in the Export view that indicates if the Admin user's email is not set. Automatic Export notifications are sent to the Admin User. Administration
For unknown service providers, current users are not displayed in records that affect multiple service providers. Rights
Users are no longer able to remove service providers from records from which they don't have the appropriate access rights. Rights

Minor changes

Change  Description Module(s) / Topics
Broadcast messages appear for a longer period of time for users to see on the screen Communications
PiT Market only shows approved questions PiT
Deletion of pre-saved VAT record when user clicks Cancel button from new VAT Intake page VAT
"Waiting list - clients edit" page attached to the Waiting Lists – Client List user right Waiting Lists
Added some missing cities/communities in "HIFIS_CityTypes" Table Look-ups
Communities can customize a new stoplist for the client search Clients
Site managers can configure the database command timeout value Configuration
New information panel for export status added to data export view Data export
User rights have been refined for the data export Data Export
Status date in Housing Units is mandatory Housing Units
Medication dispensing views are updated in real-time Medication
Medication dispensed can be 'undone' Medication
Changed the ordering of submenu items from 'position' to 'title' in Client information menu Clients
Server status information displayed on error pages Error
The alignment of the column headers on the waiting list's "manage clients" page has been fixed Waiting list
Group activities default to sort by date rather than time Group activities
Housing loss prevention date label correctly reflects column contents Housing loss prevention
User names can no longer be created with leading or trailing spaces Users
Custom tables for case management records are shown in the 'Edit' views Case Management, Custom Tables
Updated ESDC homelessness program reference to "Reaching Home" Various
Program history table is paginated to improve loading time and eliminate potential timeouts Programs

Bug fixes

Issue Description Module(s)
Fixed the issue with 'mandatory stars' appearing in the wrong field when using custom tables Custom Tables
Fixed issue with sites having difficulties connecting to ESDC's export web service (the National Homelessness Information System (NHIS) web service). Difficulties can include: mismatch of security protocols between host server and TARS; export file sizes being too large. Administration
Fixed the time-out issue when users navigate from the Edit Placement view to Clients list pages Housing Placement
Fixed issue with the Housing Loss Prevention List where the Start Date was not sorting correctly when adding new subsidy entries Housing Loss Prevention
Fixed issue with dates not appearing on the form when editing bed status history Rooms and Beds
Fixed the missing delete button for users who have the right to "Delete" specific values under HIFIS Modules Rights
Fixed the URL to the registration module under the Administration module Registration
Fixed the calculation of the DOB that appears on the client list page Client List
Fixed the missing Antiforgerytoken to allow switching between users using the pop up login form User Access
Added authentication objects to all calls made by the application even when a user is not authenticated User Access
Fixed the client search tool when "Minimum Character Input for Search" has a value over "0" and "Restrict Client Search" is disabled Application settings
Fixed the Pre-Survey score for the F-VI-SPDAT to reflect a single parent family Assessments
Fixed "Place" drop-down menu showing inactive locations Places
Fixed issue with "add from PIT Market" button PiT
Fixed issue with label display in reports Reports
Watch concerns retain 'created' information when edited Client - Various Factors
Users can no longer access records they don't have the rights to if they are given a direct link to a page User Access
Fixed issue preventing users from adding contacts to user immediately after creation Users
Fixed issue with finding clients with known stop words in their name Clients
Resolved typos in HIFIS Labels Various
"Save and start family" button only appears if user has the add family right Clients
End date can no longer be before start date when exporting records to excel Various
Revised user rights in application settings page Application settings
Document list no longer displays html elements as plain text Documents
Resolved layout issues with misaligned "Save" and "Cancel" button on "Edit Housing Unit" page Housing Unit
Resolved empty error banner from appearing in reports with no parameters Reports
Fixed issue with broken waiting list table preventing sorting functionality Waiting lists
Resolved issue with long waiting list load times Waiting lists
Resolved issue with housing loss prevention start dates not saving changes Housing loss prevention
Resolved issue with booking in the starting client when booking in a family Admissions
Fixed issue with anti-forgery request tokens blocking the password reset functionality Users
Fixed issues with audit fields not correctly updating in some modules Admissions, Housing Placement, VAT, SPDAT
Fixed broken link from the Cancel button on the 'Add Fixed Cost' page Programs
Fixed broken link when editing Medication records on some HIFIS implementations Medications
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