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HIFIS Release Notes


Before implementing this version:

  • create a backup of your database
  • take a snapshot of your application tier

This is important in the event that you need to roll back the changes.

If you have not yet implemented releases 58.1 or above, note that updating to release 59.5 may have an impact on your custom reports.

Note: Microsoft is ending support of their Internet Explorer web browser. As a result, as of release 59.3 of HIFIS, HIFIS development on Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are options. To learn more about the end of support for Internet Explorer, please visit the Microsoft website or consult the HIFIS Client Support Centre.

Check release notes 58.1 for more information on the affected tables.

Consult your report service provider if you have issues. 

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Release highlights

  • User cloning: New user accounts can be created based on a similar user already in HIFIS
  • Consent: Declined consent can be applied again once it expires
  • 7 minor changes and 17 bug fixes

When updating to release

You can apply the coordinated access consent to every client that currently has explicit consent on their installation.

This is for communities who have:

  • already sought the coordinated access consent from their clients, and
  • recorded it in HIFIS as a “bundled” consent using the existing explicit consent functionality

Choosing to opt-out of this option means that you will need to manually add the coordinated access consent for each client separately. The option will not present itself again in the future.

New features and major changes

No new features and major changes introduced as part of this release.

Minor changes

Changes in this release affect the following modules or sections:

Clients Vitals

Added sorting function on the client vital history page.

Coordinated access

The Unique Identifier List now ignores the “Unknown” housing status when calculating if a client is in their first episode of homelessness.


Added delete function to remove clients from a family.

Housing Placement

  • Securing housing and moving into housing now changes the client state to “Active”
  • Users can now edit the housing secured date as well as the move in date for a housing placement


Added “Expiry Date” field for identifications.


Added a cloning feature in the Users module. HIFIS copies the following fields over when cloning the new user:

  • Service Providers
  • Default Service Provider
  • Report Categories
  • Roles
  • User Rights

Bug fixes

Changes in this release affect the following modules or sections:


Fixed conflicts not appearing on the aggressor’s profile.


  • Users can now add another declined-anonymous consent record to a client’s file
    Note: The declined consent can only be re-applied to client records that have never accepted the explicit consent or inherited consent
  • Coordinated Access consent is now available right after client creation

Coordinated Access

The “Days in lifetime” column now counts shelter stays for clients that have a housing status of “transitional”.

Health Information

Fixed delete diet right; delete action now available for dietary requirements.

Housing History

Follow-ups tab now displays follow-up dates for housing loss prevention records as well.

Housing Loss Prevention

Fixed filter on the housing loss prevention list. Users can now filter based on status and time range.

Housing Placement

First scheduled follow up date now calculates based on the “Date Moved In” instead of the actual date.


The attachment field is no longer available when disabled in the Service Provider settings.

Look-up Tables

Fixed custom “Case State” values not allowing users to enter an end date to case management records.

Medication Dispensing

  • Fixed “Dispensed by” field; users can now select their name when dispending medication
  • Medication can now be dispensed on the day the client was booked in

PiT Count

  • Fixed response disappearing when returning to an old question when using the paging survey
  • Additional validation added to remove duplicate custom responses
  • Fixed action buttons appearing for users that do not have the appropriate rights


Fixed the "City (Last Known)" column in the Unique Identifier List report. Report now pulls data from the city of the current service provider or the most recent housing history record.

Various Factors

Fixed “content failed to load” error when trying to display a “life event record”.

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