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HIFIS 4.059.4 release notes


Before implementing this version:

  • create a backup of your database
  • take a snapshot of your application tier

This is important in the event that you need to roll back the changes.

If you have not yet implemented releases 58.1 or above, note that updating to release 59.4 may have an impact on your custom reports.

Note: Microsoft is ending support of their Internet Explorer web browser. As a result, as of release 59.3 of HIFIS, HIFIS development on Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Users are encouraged to use Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge as alternatives. For more information on the end of support for Internet Explorer, please visit the Microsoft website or consult the HIFIS Client Support Centre.

Check release notes 58.1 for more information on the affected tables.

Consult your report service provider if you have issues.

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Release highlights

  • The Point-in-Time (PiT) Count Module: reactivation of the optional brain injury question and new validation process to avoid duplicate survey numbers
  • Unique identifier list: addition of columns to the export and new filter options in the module
  • Improved translation: revision and updates to reflect proper French translation across HIFIS
  • 13 minor changes and 21 bug fixes

When updating to release

You can apply the coordinated access consent to every client that currently has explicit consent on their installation.

This is for communities who have:

  • already sought the coordinated access consent from their clients, and
  • recorded it in HIFIS as a “bundled” consent using the existing explicit consent functionality

Choosing to opt-out of this option means that you will need to manually add the coordinated access consent for each client separately. The option will not present itself again in the future.

New features and major changes

No new features and major changes introduced as part of this release.

Minor changes

Changes in this release affect the following modules or sections:

Application settings

Added a mandatory star next to the “inactivity threshold” setting.


Added validation messages to all assessments in HIFIS to notify users of any fields missing a response.

Coordinated access

  • New filter options in the Coordinated Access module:
    • geographical region
    • gender
  • Add new data fields to the unique identifier list export:
    • tri-morbidity
    • percentage of housing history completed over last 30 days
    • file number
    • date client record was created
    • geographic region
  • The Unique Identifier List now looks at the total days homeless, as opposed to the housing status, to determine if a client is chronically homeless


  • HIFIS application now verifies the database version when the application starts
  • New parameter for application version added to the database script. This will let HIFIS know which updates to run during installation

Financial profile

Added a drop down to the “pay frequency” field in the financial expense form.

Look-up tables

  • Updated the service provider type:
    • old value: violence against women
    • new value: violence against women – emergency shelter
  • Added a new service provider type value: “violence against women – transition house”

Look-up tables and waiting list

Users can now add custom values to the following look-up tables on the waiting list module:

  • waiting request status
  • waiting request reason

PiT Count

  • Reintroduced the optional brain injury question to the PiT count survey
  • HIFIS now verifies that a survey number is not already in use before saving a PiT survey entered using “data entry survey”

Bug fixes

Changes in this release affect the following modules or sections:

Application settings

Corrected missing French translations in the application settings.

Client – vitals

  • Users can now delete comments entered in the comment tab

    Note: Comments can only be deleted by the original author or by using the HIFIS admin account. This also applies to replies.

  • Fixed bug causing duplicate entries of some actions in the audit log
  • Using the “create and add member” short cut in the family module is properly reflected in the client’s audit log
  • Fixed issues that would reset the housing status of a client to "unknown" after editing a client’s vitals


  • Fixed the trigger for 2 factor authentication to send codes to users
  • Added LegacyIDs for the new service provider types values introduced in release 59.1 of HIFIS. This change will solve some known issues with data imports/exports
  • Aligned HIFIS look-up values with HIFIS 3 legacyID values


Fixed the missing consent drop down values when using the “create and add family member” short cut.

Group activities

Client names now appear under the demographics tab of the group activities page.

Housing history

Reintroduced the housing loss prevention short cut.

Housing unit

  • Fixed error when attempting to add a housing maintenance record
  • Aligned the "filter options" button in the housing unit module

Look-up tables

  • Removed all the blank look-up tables:
    • storage outcome
    • building type
    • relation to parent
    • school enroll problem
    • client flag
    • food item
    • parent situation
    • funding category
    • session
  • Added translation for “reason housing not secured”


Removed icons for pages users were not granted the right to.

Service provider

  • Fixed loophole that let users with access to the service provider module to access the HIFIS administrator’s profile
  • “Address line 1” is now mandatory when editing a service provider record


Resolved irregular time out issue when using HIFIS in French.


HIFIS now uses a 24-hour clock system when the application is in French.

Various factors

Applied proper translation to “Legal – Bail” value.

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