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HIFIS version Release Notes


Before implementing this release, a backup of your database is necessary. Taking a snapshot of your application tier before implementing this update is also important in the event that a roll back of the changes should be required.

Note: When updating to release of HIFIS, communities will have the opportunity to apply Coordinated Access consent to every client that currently has explicit consent on their installation. This is for communities that have already sought the Coordinated Access consent from their clients and recorded it in HIFIS as a “bundled” consent using the existing explicit consent functionality. Choosing to opt-out of this option means that the community will need to manually add the Coordinated Access consent for each client separately, as applicable. The option will not present itself again in the future.

Please note that Microsoft is ending its support for SQL Server 2014 on July 9th, 2024. As a result, the lowest version of SQL Server supported by HIFIS will be SQL Server 2016.

We strongly recommend upgrading to SQL Server 2016 before July 9th, 2024. Future versions and releases of HIFIS will require SQL Server 2016, and Microsoft will not be able to assist with any server-related problems experienced using SQL Server 2014. For more information on SQL Server 2014 support, you can visit the Microsoft website.

If your community has not yet implemented releases or above, note that updating to release may have an impact on your custom reports. This is due to changes to your database's underlying structure that were introduced in release of HIFIS. Check release notes for additional information on the affected tables.

Consult your report service provider if you have any issues.

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Release highlights

  • Fixed issue displaying housing status records multiple times;
  • Historical chronicity information is now stored properly in the database;
  • Fixed rights issues linked to the diversion form;
  • 10 minor changes and 34 bug fixes.

New features and major changes

No new features or major changes were introduced as part of this release.

Minor changes

Changes in this release affect the following modules or sections:


Users can now add a Diversion Attempt from the Admissions module (Front Desk and Client Management menu).

Client Details

Clients with a recent diversion attempt will now have an alert on their profile, similar to a service restriction alert.


A historical record of a client’s chronicity information is now properly recorded and stored in the database.


  • Users can now add a housing history record to a client’s diversion record, regardless of whether they were housed safely the night before
  • When a client is selected in the scrolling Diversion form, users can now enter the following information:
    • Add Income if “Financial Assistance Provided” is toggled to Yes
    • Add Contact
    • Add Contributing Factors
    • Add Goods and Services

PiT Count

  • Updated export files to match the 2024 version of the Point-in-Time (PiT) Count Survey.
  • When users create a local question and select the “Yes/No” type, the question now will have the same type of available responses as the Core survey.


Updated Goods and Services rights labels to be more accurate.

English Changes (Old Label >> New Label)

  • Activities >> Services
  • Add Activity Record >> Add Service Records
  • Delete Activity Record >> Delete Service Records
  • Display Activity >> Display Service
  • Edit Activity Records >> Edit Service Records

French Changes

  • Afficher Activités >> Afficher les services
  • Modifier les services distribuées >> Modifier les services distribués


Users can now change the language of the End-User License Agreement (EULA) when accessing HIFIS for the first time.


Removed the ability of non-admin users to clone Admin user rights.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed error message when a user attempts to delete a Diversion record using the Client Service Delete module (Issue ID: 769988).
  • Users who don’t have the right to edit or view the Workflow steps no longer see these actions (Issue ID: 769996).
  • The header on the Diversion Workflow steps has been translated when using HIFIS in French (Issue ID: 770000).


Fixed bug where users were not able to reserve beds that are currently being used (Issue ID: 711902).


  • The scorecard and the administration section of the VI-SPDAT v3 Adult are now in the same order as the survey (Issue ID: 769981).
  • The scorecard and the administration section of the VI-SPDAT v3 Family are now in the same order as the survey (Issue ID: 769982).
  • The scorecard and the administration section of the VI-SPDAT v2 Youth are now in the same order as the survey (Issue ID: 769984).
  • Fixed bug where if your first response to a new VI-SPDAT assessment, after filling out the administration section, is to “Refuse” a question, then an error message would appear (Issue ID: 769987).

Case Management

Fixed issue where users could not close cases (Issue ID: 770049).

Client Details

  • Client’s details page now has a matching header (Issue ID: 769971).
    • Old Label: Client – Vitals
    • New Label: Client – Details
    • French Label: Client – Détails du client
  • The “Date of Death” field has been fixed and no longer appears as a dropdown field (Issue ID: 770037).

Client Vitals

  • The “Private Service Provider” label now appears as “Fournisseur de services privé” in the client tombstone when using HIFIS in French (Issue ID: 711728).
  • Fixed issue where a new entry was added everyday for the client’s housing status in the client’s vitals history (Issue ID: 633072).

Data Export

When viewing the “Bed Count History” tab, the page now properly shows the number of entries, instead of “Showing 0 to 0 entries” (Issue ID: 769970).


  • Fixed bug where the “Client Information” and “Client Management” options no longer appeared when a user was on a client’s diversion list (Issue ID: 769961).
  • Users are no longer able to access modules they do not have the proper rights to from the Diversion forms (Issue ID: 769997).
  • The “Scheduled Follow-Up” field in the Workflow version of the diversion form is no longer mandatory (Issue ID: 770012).
  • Users who are editing a diversion record can now cancel the process without changing the status to “Abandoned” (Issue ID: 770024).
  • Users can now add Goods and Services in the diversion form when the program field is mandatory (Issue ID: 770041).

Encampments and Outreach

Added Bing key to viewbag on all pages to remove message requesting credentials when using the map view (Issue ID: 770027).

Housing Records

Fixed issue where if there were housing records that started over 30 days ago, and ran into the “Last 30 Days”, they were not counted towards a client’s percentage housing completed statistics (Issue ID: 748877).

Housing Status

When you delete a client’s Housing History record, if there are no other records in their file, the housing status will now change back to “Unknown” (Issue ID: 769993).


Reintroduced the Geo Region and City filters to the filter options menu (Issue ID: 769968).


  • Fixed issue with outreach capable services always creating address relations in the database (Issue ID: 770061).
  • The Outreach module now only displays records associated to the Service Provider you are currently logged into (Issue ID: 770044).

PiT Count

  • Changed the naming of COH/COH CORE questions to Optional questions when setting up a PiT Event (Issue ID: 769948).
  • When adding local questions, if you create a single or multi selection question and use the same response in 2 or more questions, the response will now appear for all questions it is assigned to, instead of only the original (Issue ID: 769775).
  • The PiT Survey will now only accept integers (non-fractional numbers) in fields that only accept numerical values (Issue ID: 769952).


Fixed bug where inactive programs without an end date were not appearing in the inactive tab (Issue ID: 769839).

Rights Templates

Reorganized the SPDAT/VI-SPDAT rights tree and removed duplicates (Issue ID: 770107).

Rooms and Beds

Fixed bug where users were not able to deactivate a room (Issue ID: 770051).

Service Restrictions

Fixed issue where if a Service Provider had too many service restrictions, the page failed to load and returned an error if they selected to view “All” (Issue ID: 633405).


Reintroduced the “Add PiT Live Volunteers” button from the User list page (Issue ID: 734700).


When editing a VAT record, the “File on Record” field has been fixed to be properly aligned (Issue ID: 769989).

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