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HIFIS release notes


  1. Before implementing this version, it is recommended to:
    • create a backup of your database
    • take a snapshot of your application tier

    This is important in the event that you need to roll back the changes.

    This release introduces changes to your underlying database’s structure. It may have an impact on custom reports you have implemented. The release note outlines the tables that are affected.

    See changes details and consult your report service provider if you have issues.

  2. When completing a PiT count survey using the scrolling form, users may experience issues using the keyboard navigation buttons on Android mobile devices using the Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge web browsers. Users are encouraged to use the Firefox web browser on Android devices. Please make sure to inform your PiT surveyors of the notice above.


Release Highlights

  • The Point-in-Time (PiT) Module: Updated Point-in-time count module with additional features and to address bugs.
  • Translation: Updated translation of HIFIS labels and Look-up tables.
  • 7 minor changes
  • 25 bug fixes, including the PiT module updates.


  • New feature and major changes
    • No new features or major changes included as part of this release.
  • Minor changes
    Change Description Module(s)
    Added the ability to enable “Hidden Homeless” for a PiT Event. PiT Count
    Added the ability to enable “Registry Week” for a PiT Event. PiT Count
    Added the definition of “Homelessness” over PiT Core question 3. PiT Count
    Adjusted the text alignment for several questions. PiT Count
    Changed the design of PiT Core question 14. PiT Count
    Removed "Create PiT Template" button. PiT Count
    New right allows you to recalculate a VAT score. Users will be able to calculate scores for surveys that were not initially saved. Assessments - VAT
  • Bug fixes
    Issue Description Module(s)
    Fixed screening questions not saving when using the scrolling survey. PiT Count
    Fixed issue of alphanumeric keyboard appearing when filling in field that allows only digits (mobile devices). PiT Count
    Fixed issue preventing keyboard to disappear after clicking on “Go” or “Enter” for fields that allow only digits (mobile devices). PiT Count
    Fixed PiT Count surveys saving as “complete” when only survey details is filled. PiT Count
    Fixed issue allowing multiple incomplete surveys. PiT Count
    Fixed issue with PiT Core question 8 crashing when selecting Nunavut. PiT Count
    Fixed issue with PiT Core question 8 filter remaining when changing the answer. PiT Count
    Fixed issue with new survey being created when refreshing the web page. PiT Count
    Fixed issue with continuous loading when editing a reservations. Admissions
    Fixed issue with audit fields not correctly updating in some modules. Admissions, Housing Placement, VAT, SPDAT
    Removed orphaned turnaway records that were left in database. Administration - Client Service Delete
    Fixed issue with “View all session details” showing all of the contributing factors. Now shows only the contributing factor showing for the case. Case Management
    Fixed the error that would appear when using “Send to all providers” under Bulletin. Communications
    Fixed confidential documents being accessible and editable by other users. Document
    Fixed “Last updated” date not updating when editing a document. Document
    Fixed the total amount appearing when adding items in the food bank. Food Bank
    Fixed issues with all clients appearing in the demographics of group activities, regardless if the client attended or not. Group Activities
    Fixed issues allowing you to pick a target date that that precedes the start date of housing placement. Housing Placement
    Fixed issue with declined consent clients appearing in the incident drop down list. Incidents
    Fixed Case management not appearing in clients “goods and services”. Goods and Services
    Fixed inaccurate and missing French translations. Look-up tables and others
    Leading and trailing spaces are now removed from client names in the Data Base. Clients
    Adding a profile picture is now linked to the correct user right – “Add Profile picture”. Clients
    Fixed incorrect linking with Custom Tables on case records. Case Management – Custom Tables
    Scrolling surveys will identify unanswered questions on an incomplete survey. PiT Count

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